Elimination diet recipes - Tuna kim-bap

Tuna kim-bap

This is pretty darn authentic, at least for kim-bap – there’s a reason I’m not calling it sushi. Since the tuna comes from a can, it will last for a day or two in the fridge. My Korean friend showed me how to make it with 49-cent “Milchreis,” which is what I use (no need to get fancy sushi rice – although you can do that, if you want).


2 cups roundcorn rice or sushi rice

4 cups water

1 teaspoon salt

splash of oil

½ cup white rice vinegar

10 sheets of nori (Japanese sushi seaweed)


1 can of tuna in its own juices

1 carrot or ½ cucumber or jarred pickled radish, sliced into long strips

½ medium-ripe avocado


Gently rinse the rice in large pot, swirling water around with fingers, about 10 times or until water stays more or less clear. Drain, measure out water, add salt, place on stove and heat to boiling. Turn heat to low, allow to cook covered until water is absorbed. Remove from heat, mix in vinegar and allow to cool (can put in refrigerator). Prep vegetables by slicing into long strips. Once rice is cool to touch, lay out nori sheet on wooden cutting board. Wet hand, take a large handful of rice and spread it as evenly as possible over the nori. Spread a thin layer of wasabi across the middle of the rice, horizontally. Spread flaked canned tuna over this in a thicker layer. On top of the tuna, align slices of avocado and vegetable of choice. Starting from the bottom, roll the nori, tucking in the ingredients in the middle as you roll. Wet a large, sharp knife. Slice the nori roll vertically into ¾ inch pieces. Arrange on platter and serve.