Dark matter (38/26)

Another revolution
her around him
he one bright point
space all around

What is this dark matter all around
that binds us all together?
Clumping ever more densely
bringing a big crunch –

She casts a warm glow
in the cold night
like a café on a dark street
offering a bit of warmth.

Another revolution around the sun
and I am still
on this planet.
The dark matter in me
clumps ever denser
creating unfamiliar, worrisome structures
and I wait
wondering if the crunch will come.


Grain of sand

If I could put all my life's experiences
in an hourglass
turn it over, watch each grain of sand
drop down
with always the hope
that people really can change

I would take that one grain of sand which is you
hurl it into a field of dunes
watch it erode into a thousand pieces

feed each one to an oyster
and make a thousand pearls

bury each one in the sand of the dunes
water them
grow a thousand pearl trees

then I would bask in the oasis
and let the pearls rain down on me

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